Pride, Purpose and Promotions.

You had it in the military, and you can have it here too. Every day, Walmart, Sam’s Club and our associates are helping millions of American families live better by saving money while also making a difference in the communities we all call home.

Our mission is the reason you see Fair Trade Coffee on the shelves at Sam’s Club. It’s why we’ve pledged $250 billion to help create new manufacturing jobs here in America. And it’s why we continue to support important causes such as education, workforce development, environmental sustainability, disaster relief, and health and wellness initiatives.

Our mission is also to see our people succeed and achieve. Every day, more and more employees move up our ranks, experiencing more opportunities and responsibility along the way. On average, there are 400+ promotions per day at Walmart and Sam’s Club – forty percent of which go to people in their first year with the company.

Work Is a Beautiful Thing

Learn more about Walmart’s $250 billion pledge to help revitalize American manufacturing.