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2016 Year In Review

2016 was a big year for the veterans we support. From nearly 10 million online acts of support for GreenlightAVet to all our veteran hires, see how it adds up.

When it comes to supporting our veterans, 2016 had it all. From country-spanning causes and holiday celebrations to expansive hiring and promotion opportunities, we’re incredibly proud of the work done to back our nation’s veterans.

This was the second year of the GreenlightAVet movement and it glowed brighter than ever before. What started as simply changing one light to green grew into a number of ways to show your appreciation – from a special “glow green” Facebook profile pic or marking your light on a map to sharing the cause through the #GreenlightAVet hashtag. Together, we created nearly 10 million online acts of support and reached every corner of the U.S.

Ever since our original commitment on Memorial Day 2013, the Veterans Welcome Home Commitment has been getting stronger as more and more launch civilian careers with us. With over 150,000 veterans hired and 19,000 promoted, we’re rocketing toward our goals and making a real difference. By 2020, we hope to have hired over 250,000 veterans – and together we can make that happen.

One of our biggest highlights every year is the Veterans Day Celebration. Held at our corporate offices (as well as at Walmart Stores and Sam’s Clubs throughout the country), it offers us the chance to take a step back and thank those who have served. This year, we heard from speakers and honored several veteran associates – recognizing their service to both this country and their communities.

So after such a great 2016, what’s next for us? We’re ready to keep building upon our traditions – as well as introduce new ways to support our veterans. For a start, will continue to evolve as we try to make it easier than ever for people to get involved. Meanwhile, the resources we provide veterans for launching their civilian careers will continue to expand and grow.

There’s always more we can do and we’re excited to see where 2017 will take us next.