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As an organization and a family, we were built around service and dedication. Veterans Day is our chance to celebrate those who stand up for those ideals – and everything they’ve done in support of them and our country.

Every year, the Walmart family comes together in thousands of our locations across the country to thank those who’ve served. The annual celebration at our own home office is an expansive event that includes speakers, spotlighted associates and honored guests. 



University of Arkansas Air Force ROTC posting of the colors & the Singing Men of Arkansas.


   President and CEO of Sam’s Club, John Furner, interviewing Julie Duncan, Director of Store Planning at Walmart about her recent deployment for Hurricane relief with the US Coast Guard.



  Chief Sustainability Officer and Foundation President, Kathleen McLaughlin with Goodwill Director of Career Development Services, Diane Weekley and Unite Us CEO, Daniel Brillman.



  BG Gary Profit, US Army (Retired), Sr Director of Military Programs addressing the crowd.



 WWII Coast Guard Reserve Spar, Lois Bouton “The Coast Guard lady.”



     Lt Colonel Bryan Huntsman, Sr Project Manager of Logistics Services with BG Gary Profit, US Army (Retired), Sr Director of Military Programs.



 WWII Navy Veteran, Jim Downing greeting a fellow Veteran.


             University of Arkansas Air Force ROTC Color Guard team.



   War Correspondent and University of Oklahoma Professor, Mike Boettcher with EVP of Corporate Affairs, Dan Bartlett.



Marine Corps veteran, Heather Billgren, greets fellow veteran associates at the Home Office Veterans Day Event.