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Robert's Story: Leading with Service

Meet Robert, a Physical Security Specialist

Robert enjoys spending time with his wife and children, staying busy, and being a life-long learner.  He inspired by his Christian faith and his desire to model servant leadership with a sincere heart.

He shared a story from his time in the Marine Corps to illustrate.  “There have been times for all of us where we feel underappreciated and maybe even oppressed by our immediate supervisors.  At a time like this in my life, when I was feeling overwhelmed, my commanding officer approached me and handed me his Bible which he had just taken up with him in his final flight in my unit. In it he had written words of encouragement to me, expressing how much he appreciated my example and the way I led the Marines under my charge by serving them. In an environment where I stood out for leading with politeness and servitude rather than assertiveness, it meant a great deal to know my commanding officer supported me in my decision to do so.”

In his current role, he uses this lesson of encouragement to influence and encourage anyone who may need it and is greatly please with Walmart’s efforts to show support to veterans.  He is appreciative that no one at Walmart has asked any inappropriate questions about his service and would like to everyone to understand the importance of respecting a veteran’s silence, not asking questions about what they may have had to do to accomplish their mission, while demonstrating a willingness to listen.  Robert feels he has opportunities every day to learn new things, serve others, has numerous opportunities for advancement, and can literally go into nearly any career field.

At Walmart, every day is Veterans Day and we are powering ‘Greenlight A Vet’ by sharing stories of our associates.  We thank Robert for his service and for sharing his story.