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Elise Hackstall

My Career Path

  • U.S. Military Academy
  • Logistics Officer, Fort Knox
  • Company Executive Officer, Fort Knox
  • Battalion Human Resource Officer, Ft. Knox
  • Armor Branch Senior Personnel Officer, Fort Knox
  • Armor Branch Proponent Office Personnel Management Officer, Fort Knox
  • Senior Human Resources Officer, U.S. Army Reserve, GA
  • Walmart Developmental Co-Manager
  • Walmart Shift/Co-Manager
  • Walmart Division 1 Store Manager, Columbus, GA
  • Brigade HHC Company Commander, Fort Benning, GA
  • Walmart Supercenter Store Manager, Columbus, GA
  • Market Human Resource Manager

What attracted you to look at Walmart as a potential employer?

After I separated from the military, I was working with the military career assistance program. My husband was still on active duty, and we were going to be moving to Columbus, Georgia. I was looking for an employer that was going to be able to meet the needs of my family, as well as give me the opportunity for growth. I was contacted by an external recruiter for Walmart, and it seemed right in line with what would fit for my family. Walmart’s three basic beliefs are so much like the Seven Army Values. It felt like “this is exactly what I’m supposed to do.”

What made you decide to start a career with Walmart?

I felt really good about my interview, but I felt even better about Walmart. I loved every inch of the training, and I loved interacting with the interview panelists so they could make a fair decision on whether we were a good fit for the company. They also made a point to make sure that the prior military people employed at Walmart had a chance to meet us so that we could hear some of their stories. The company worked with me on opportunities based on where we were going to be living, and at on-boarding I was able to interact with people like me who were going through the same process.

How would you describe a career at Walmart?

The Walmart career is task-driven, organized, thought-through and planned. The company makes sure they give sound advice and sound information so people can take it back to their teams. The career is active, ever-changing, positive, exciting. There are no two days the same, and that’s a good thing for me, especially coming from the military. And I would also definitely say it’s rewarding.

What do your fellow military colleagues think about the work you do with Walmart?

My military friends didn’t realize that Walmart has so many opportunities for growth. It’s not just a cashier running a register. Walmart is a self-running organization. We don’t waste anything; we don’t outsource. We have our own truck drivers, we have our own Information Systems Division, and we have our own division of innovators. There are so many opportunities out there if you reach for them.

What do Walmart and the military have in common?

Soldiers have that “I’m going to do whatever it takes to get the job done” mentality, and so does Walmart. There’s a sense of priority for everything at Walmart. Coming from the military, it makes it easier for you to respond to that. Every day at Walmart, we’re performing so we can execute at a moment’s notice. They’re training and preparing you to take a store in the future and be successful. They’re looking for someone who is always eager for that next level of responsibility. The military does the exact same thing.

What would you tell transitioning military members about a career at Walmart?

You can do whatever you want with Walmart. There are so many different opportunities with the company that people just don’t know about – opportunities you can’t get anywhere else. That sets Walmart apart from so many others, not to mention that it’s the #1 retailer. If you don’t interview here, you’re crazy. I can move just about anywhere in the U.S., and there will be a Walmart with a job for me. It’s a smooth transition from the military.