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Catherine Lemay

My Career Path

  • November 2014 retired from the Marine Corps
  • November 2014 Assistant Manager at Kinston location
  • April 2015 Assistant Manager at Richlands
  • November 2016 promoted to Co-Manager at Richlands
  • Current Co-Manager in Jacksonville

Can you tell us about your history at Walmart?

I retired from the Marine Corps in November 2014 and came to Walmart. I started out in Kinston as an assistant manager before I moved to Richlands when they opened in April 2015. I got promoted to co-manager at the beginning of November before moving again – this time to Jacksonville. It’s been about 15 months overall.


What seems to be the most popular question you receive from the associates you mentor?

The people I usually help out with are the ones that want to know everything. They are looking for anything that will help their careers, and soak it all up! I have one mentee going for a job interview right now – I advised her to go pull several modules to learn what the job entails. That way, when she went for the interview she is better prepared. She’ll know everything they’ll ask her.


What advice do you have for a veteran trying to move up at Walmart?

Don’t get discouraged. Don’t look at the things you aren’t going to get because you’re not on active duty anymore – like not having weekends or holidays off. Those are the kind of things I missed at first. Look at the rewards you’re getting out of it.

It’s going to be a challenge for most of us because we don’t do retail in the military. So it can be challenging. But you can make it whatever you want. I wasn’t expecting to get promoted as fast as I did. If you take the time to learn the job and educate yourself (just like you did in the military), the sky’s the limit for you. You can do anything you want in this company. The only one that’s going to hold you back is you.


What has contributed to your success at Walmart?

My background in the military. In the military, you have a job to do and it has to get done no matter what. You work under the small unit leadership where you’re given an instate and you go make it happen. You aren’t told how to do it and you’re not given step-by-step micromanaged guidance. It’s “This is what I want, go make it happen.”

Coming from that mentality has contributed to my success here. I make what I need to do happen.


Can you explain your day-to-day responsibilities as a co-manager?

Oh gosh, what day are you talking about?

First thing every morning, we tour the store and take notes – either with the store manager or by ourselves. When I’m done, I send a report to the market manager and then take care of other collectible emails. By then, the support managers are in and we have our morning meeting where we go over the notes and anything that’s pressing. After that, I have to make sure I have the schedules done for all my associates. And then I do my other responsibilities and reports.

My favorite thing is actually to get on floor in the backroom with either my floor or backroom associates. We work one-on-one or in a group so I get the chance to get to know them. I learn how they work and see their productivity. Instead of having to have someone else tell me about them, I actually get to see their growth for myself. And it works great for me.